Welcome to the Edelweiss Hotel

The Edelweiss Hotel is located in Pré-Saint-Diedier, a prestigious place in the high Valle d’Aosta, famous all over the world since more than two centuries thanks to spa water.
Thanks to its strategic position in the heart of Valdigne near Courmayeur and La Thuile, the Edelweiss Hotel represents a great starting point both for the Winter and Summer holiday.

The proximity of the two famous stations guarantees a sky area about hundreds of kilometers with artificial snow maker organized and controlled. Also, for the passionate of off-piste skiing the best itineraries of freeride are available directly on the slopes of Monte Bianco (glacier of Toula- Courmayeur) and on the glacier Rutor (La Thuile).

During the Summer through hundreds of trekking tracks at high height you can admire the majestic beauty of the Monte Bianco’s chain. For the experts there are some of the most exciting climbing roads of the planet.

Rota’s family dedicates itself since four generations on receiving tourists in our valley. A domestic and careful atmosphere is waiting for you in order to offer a holiday that surround you, able to satisfy every needs.
The health spa allows you to enjoy of the countless therapeutic proprieties of our water, that flows at 37° from the Orrido’s throat.

The Edelweiss Hotel praises an agreement with Prè-Saint-Didier Spa. Our polite guests could allow of discounts on the entrance ticket prices and on the other interesting promotions offered.